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The Storm Before the Calm


And so, bold pilot of this hefty craft,
It comes to light that, though you joked and laughed
Throughout your time spent in the hellish storm,
A most intrusive fear begins to form.
For now the savage storm you bravely fought
Will soon abate and only live in thought.
What element of fear could this then cause,
This sweet transition from unrest to pause?
You fear that after braving such a gale
And so heroically traversing wind and hail,
You might not thence be able to conduct
Your boat and into the waters you’ll be sucked.
Fear not, brave captain; let pride stand tall.
Alas remember what you’ve done withal:
You steered in safety through hysteria,
Avoiding shipwreck and diphtheria
With only help from a selected crew
Who more supported than directed you.
You’re not leaving the storm to steer your boat
For now the first time in your captain’s coat,
But’n order to escape the naval blast
Remember that for years you’ve raised your mast
And single-handedly you’ve shunned Disaster
By piloting your craft so firmly past her.