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Plot: Four students enrolled at The Academy, essentially a mad science school, tamper with volunteer human subjects in the name of science. But by all indications it seems The Academy may be more than just a place for the pursuit of education. In this psychological comedy, nobody knows who’s in charge and what the point of anything is.

I wrote this for an independent study for playwriting, and because Bryan said he wondered if the genre “psychological comedy” could ever exist. In writing this, I realize that the genre could in theory exist, but this was not an example of it. This is, as a result, an interesting psychological drama with too much comedy to flow smoothly. It was very nearly produced by Prometheus Productions in 2000, but 9 days before we were supposed to open, we lost our space, and Prometheus disbanded a month later. Perhaps it was best this way. Anyway, the play has some very interesting ideas, and I’d love to see it performed some day – it has potential.

Personal ratings:
Intelligence: 10
Silliness: 1
Characters: 7
Marketability: 5
Overall: 5

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