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The Glorious Path

Plot: When Toe meets Provolone on a vacant stage, the two begin to talk in Beckett-esque dialogue, only to discover that neither of them has any idea who they are or to which play they belong. Using a few props and their own determination, they try out many genres and follow the glorious path to self-discovery.

I wrote this play on a dare by a friend who said that if I wrote it, we’d perform it the next week for the Mason Gross crowd. Before I had even gotten home, I had the idea in my head, and spent two and a half hours writing this play out. I’m very proud of it on a number of levels, though it does sometimes bother me that most people like this play better than any of my other works, including the ones that I’ve worked on for years. Who knew my loathing of Sam Beckett and Shakespeare would have prompted something pretty fun and accidentally profound?

Personal ratings:
Intelligence: 9
Silliness: 3
Characters: 5
Marketability (within the theatre world): 10
Marketability (anywhere else): 2
Overall: 8

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