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How Horribly Has My Day Thus Transpired

In this Shakespearean-style play, a bitter love feud erupts when it turns out mild-mannered Wellington and the scheming Vincible are both after the beautiful yet beleaguered Alexandra.  Soon after, things turn ugly, as Vincible (with his hopelessly awkward sidekick Bundit) begin to plot how to snatch Alexandra from her best friend.  Thinly-veiled costumes are used, bad accents are implemented, and somehow the end result is HILARITY. 

This is the second play I ever wrote.  It started out just being in prose, but I decided for the entire spoof to work, it would have to be in iambic pentameter.  It was a challenge, but it seems as though it hasn't really weathered too well.  It clearly was an early attempt at iambic pentameter, and it is rough.  The humor is there, but it's more in the application of the words, and not the words themselves.  It has a special place in my heart - right next to a ventricle.  (It is also where the now-infamous wacky-noodle fight that later appears in Unusual Suspects is originally from.  And it makes just as little sense in this play)

Personal ratings:
Intelligence: both 3 and 9
Silliness: 7
Characters: 7
Marketability: 3
Overall: 5

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