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Confusing the Audience

Plot: A bar in Detroit tries to get ready for the Pope’s arrival by hiring a shy exotic dancer, trying to locate the stolen pool table, and figuring out how to deal with all those ninjas.

Written by myself and long-time conspirator Kevin Gilbert, this play started out as an actual attempt to write a piece of theater for Prometheus Productions, the theater company we had started. Before we even finished the third scene, however, we realized it was not possible to produce this play, so we decided to finish writing it with that in mind. The play features a cast of over 100, a live bear, and iceberg, and physical improbabilities. Easily the silliest thing I’ve ever written, and that’s considering I have play where two people fight each other with wacky noodles, and one of them’s a dude in a dress.

Personal ratings:
Intelligence: 3
Silliness: 10
Characters: 5
Marketability: 0
Overall: 6

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