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War has caused so many songs;
Commending all of war’s glorious,
But condemning all of war’s wrongs.
War has caused so many pains;
Not with the bombs or the bullets
But with the poignant refrains.
But this song will try to be different,
It is not a patriotic call.
You won’t hear the horrors of warfare,
This is not a war song at all.

‘Cause it’s not about the men in the Army,
And it’s not about our brave Navy Seals.
And it’s not about the bloodshed that’s needlessly spilt
For the sake of financial ideals.
And it’s not about our Air Force pilots,
Or the women and the men in the Marines;
And it’s not about the death toll that mounts up because
Of left or right wing political extremes.

War has caused so many poems
Written by poets who realize
That that’s where the good money is.
War has caused so many tears
When the newsman who tells of a fallen son
Realizes that that son is his.


This song’s not about the violence, it’s not about the suffering,
It’s not about geographical gain.
It’s not about the damage, it’s not about the heartbreak,
It’s not about prolonging your reign.
It’s not about the people who build all the weapons
More devastating than the ones built before.
No it’s not about the money, the injuries or deaths,
It’s not about the evils of war.