After two days of increasing chest pains, Derek was brought to Saint Mary's Hospital in Reno, NV.  He had been experiencing rather sharp pains on his right side, just above his gall bladder, and pain was radiating to his right shoulder area.  Additionally, he was finding it increasingly difficult to breathe, and simple acts like burping, leaning over, and laughing caused pretty severe pain.

After three hours of waiting in the waiting room, and another two hours in a hospital bed (flu season is in full swing in Reno), Derek got his test results back.  His chest X-rays came back negative, which was something of a relief.  Although, in typical fashion, all of the tests came back negative, leaving the doctors to speculate that what Derek had was known as pleurisy, or an inflammation of the lining of the lung.  While this is a bit puzzling, as Derek has never smoked a cigarette in his life, and abstains from anything that would deliberately put smoke inside his body, it came out that this is a viral issue.  As such, nothing truly invasive had to be done as a result, and he was sent home later that morning.

He has been given a few different  antibiotics, including an anti-inflammatory agent (he calls Agent Riptingle) and also a Vicodin knockoff that he calls Charlie.  These have been helping alleviate the pain, although it is estimated it could be as many as three weeks before he is feeling completely back to normal. 

Sources close to Derek say this comes at a terrible time, with his twin brother Mitch's wedding only a week away.  Derek, the best man, has to be in tip-top shape, not only to deliver one of his heralded best-man speeches, but to not upstage anything with people constantly asking him, "So are you okay?"  As such, this is being declared publicly on the rumors page, which few people read, and even fewer people believe.  This should, as the dashing source says, really put the cork on that one.

Stay tuned here for more information as it becomes available.