New Links

First of May - This is a video I shot with The Utility Players. It's worth a view, and not just for the naked man (it's not me, I swear!)

The Bad Astronomy Blog - If you want to know more about astronomy (Phil Plait's speciality), or about the travesty that is the anti-vaxxer movement, or about how climate deniers are idiots, this is the site for you.

My Own Blog - It's totally normal to link yourself when linking things you like, right?

Graham's Orthognathic Surgery blog - This site was extremely helpful when I was preparing for (and going through) my surgery recovery. He deserves major props. Not to be confused with the brilliant military strategist Major Propz. 

Friend/Blog Links

Aaron's Blog - Perhaps the unlikeliest of links, this shows you the rarely-seen responsible side of Aaron, and talks about poo quite a bit. Probably not updated in quite a while.

Ashley's Baby Blog - An excellent place to learn about my wife and kids. Almost certainly not updated in a while.

Castrovince's Blog - While no longer writing for the Indians directly, Anthony Castrovince still blogs about the #1 team in the American League an awful lot.

Cromwell's Blog - Learn about the man they named after a city he isn't even from. He helped restructure my blog, so give him some love.

Bryan Fenkart  - A site pimping my uber-talented and harom-gathering great friend.

Jon Hodgson - He is a kick-*expletive* photographer.  You could probably spend hours just looking at his work. 

Paul Reisman - Words cannot explain this site, you must see it for yourself.

Disc Golf Links

Disc Golf Scene - Another disc golf site dedicated to courses, players, and tag challenges.  Currently, I use it to remind myself of how badly I played certain courses.

Marshall Street - Based in MA, these guys are among the pioneers of the sport, despite their bad-ass rebellious nature - the best selection of products, and ongoing news about the MSDGC, one of the best tournamants around. 

PDGA - The governing body of disc golf, it will show you rules, course information, and just about everything you could possibly want to know.

Reno Disc Golf - Not technically a "new" link, but the whole site's been revamped as the whole administration has been retooled.  It's great to see excitement around the area again.

The Team Stick Website - Inspired by the original Stick’s desire for a community of tall and lanky people, Team Stick was born. This site, run by Web-Guru Will is easily the friendliest place you can go to learn and chat about the game.

Band Links 

Arrogant Worms - The Worm Blog is usually worth it alone.

Austin Lounge Lizards- Not updated too often, but the band is easily one of the best live shows you’ll ever see if you like either great bluegrass, good political humor, or old guys.

Jonathan Coulton - Simply the best non-label artist I've ever heard.  His site offers free downloads, but you need to pay for Re: Your Brains (which everyone really should do.)

Eddie From Ohio - A great band whose CDs are not ever available anywhere but here.

The Mountain Goats - John Darnielle is a lyrical genius.

They Might Be Giants - An oldie, but a goodie.

"Weird Al" Yankovic - This big-headed guy writes funnier music than I do, I guarantee it, and he taught me the art of the style parody (though I call them emulations)

Funny Links - The best place to find Get Fuzzy, and many other good comics I don't read.  Often slow-loading.

Dinosaur Comics - A daily comic about a few dinosaurs - very unique and certainly worth the quick trip - click HERE for my favorite one

Garfield Minus Garfield - Using up-to-date technology, this site takes Garfield out of his strips.  The result is surprisingly funny.  (Thanks Jeff!)

Improv Everywhere - They don't know me, but these guys are great.  Imagine Trigger Happy TV in a bigger scale and you get this guerilla-style theatre.  I'm envious.

Monkeys in the News - The title is pretty self explanatory

Star Trek: Happy in Paraguay - I haven't laughed this hard in a long time as when I first saw this.  The follow-ups?  Yeah, not as funny.

XKCD - Another web comic that updates three times weekly.  Good stuff.

Miscellaneous Links

Amazon - I buy nearly all of my CDs here, mostly from their trustworthy “used” department.

Andy's Anagram Generator - Everyone loves anagrams!

Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive - A website run by NASA  that has a picture (and literature) for every day of the year.  Started in 1995, this is a VERY long list.  (All the space pics on this site were borrowed from this site.) 

Facebook - Yeah yeah, I’m on there.  Click here for me. 

How Well Do You Know Me Quiz - I created a Facebook account specifically to create this quiz - it is very difficult with many red herring answers in there.  See if you can beat the best, my wife's 64%.  You might need to be a Facebook member to take it, I'm not sure.

OkCupid - The dating/social networking site where I met my wife.  Go there for the potential to change your life, or at least read whiny posts from self-named Nice Guys.

The Old Prometheus Site - This site no longer works, so I'm not sure why you'd click on it.

Silly Hot Dog Suggestion - In trying to win free tickets, I made a suggestion as to what I like on my hot dog.  They liked it enough to make their final write-up.  I didn't win the tickets, but I'm immortalized in the dark recesses of a minor league baseball team's promotional pages.  (I'm listed as Ian Callipydge, my Facebook name)

What Sport Is Best For You Quiz - I made this quiz a few years ago, and it took me the better part of a week to do it - it's a shame with all the tweaking I did, most people end up 'tennis'.  You might need to be a member of OkCupid to take it.