12.  Give Clint Eastwood a fistful of Lucky Charms.  Have him shove them down someone's throat.  Make him ask, "Do you feel lucky, punk?"

11.  Mush marshmallows into a sticky pulp.  Spread on wall.  Stick person to wall.  Use crunchy, brown pieces to stone him.

10.  Hyunmi means 'scrumptious bowl of death' in Korean.

9.  Give someone two servings.  TOO MANY CARBS!

8.  Put H-Bomb in box (a big box... maybe a family pack... the kind you would buy at the Price Club).  Watch everyone fight for the big surprise.

7.  Dig hole.  Mash Lucky Charms into a grain-like substance.  Fill hole.  Quicker than quicksand!

6.  Replace orange stars with Uranium 244.

5.  Hire Tony Danza as spokesperson.  Watch everyone starve.

4.  Place ancient hex on Lucky Charms.  See how 'magically delicious' they can be.

3.  Hummy Kim means 'really scrumptious bowl of death' in Korean.

2.  Buy plane.  Toss box of Lucky Charms out of plane.  Make sure passengers are in box.

1.  Plant Lucky Charms in ground.  Water regularly and watch grow.  Ever see 'Little Shop of Horrors?'

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