12.  Show up unannounced at Tony Danza’s house.  He always welcome guests with some of his home cooking, and will even act out various roles he’s played.

11. The Famous Gay Football-Playing Lion StatueMunich, Germany

10. Dan Quayle Vice Presidential MuseumHuntington, Indiana (The Museum’s Slogan is “Second to One!”)

9.  See the World’s Largest Detached Arm – Rumford, Maine (conspicuously missing from the city’s official website)

8.  Giant Lady’s Leg SundialLakeVillage, Roselawn Indiana (“America’s Sexiest Giant Landmark”)

7.  Piggly Wiggly – 247 West Main Street, Little Rock, Arkansas (now serving Milk in the mysterious ¾ gallon container!)

6.  Be the first to attend a Washington Nationals baseball game.  Like, literally, the first – Washington DC

5.  Hole 11, Golgotah Mini GolfCave City, Kentucky (“Putt at Jesus while enjoying the smell of our septic tank!”)  

4.  “The Underdog Tourist Attraction” – Owyhee, Nevada (Roadside America says there’s no official tourist sites or landmarks within 75 miles of this town in any direction.  If that doesn’t scream out fun, I don’t know what does.)

3.  Visit any IHOP that will serve you and a penguin (you need a live penguin for this)

2.  The Gap in Michael Strahan’s Teeth – New York Giants Mini-Camp, Albany, New York

1.  Sublah International Museum of Toilets – New Dehli (this place is the shit)

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