12. Top 12 US Colonies that Weren’t New Jersey


11. Top 12 Carnegie Mellon Graduates With a BS in Biological Sciences Who Have Caught Fire at a Joe’s Crab Shack


10. Top 12 Odors that Meatloaf Shouldn’t Smell Like (the food, but really also the musician)


9. Top 12 Concentration Camps and Stalags


8. Top 12 Felonies of Drew Barrymore


7. ¿Topps 13 Erorz INN{this} T0piq;


6. Top 12 Moments in Cleveland Indians History (we could only think of 4, and one of those was Roberto Alomar spitting on an ump)


5. Top 12 Ways to Commit Suicide Using Only Your Virginity


4. Top 12 Parts of Speech We’d Like to See (the nerb, the pluperfictive, the dangling naughticle)


3. Top 12 Youtube Clips of a Bunny Eating a Cupcake


2. Top 12 Adam Sandler Movies that Should Have Starred the Guy Who Played Nick from Family Ties


1. Top 12 Differences Between Bartles and James Wine Coolers and NyQuil


*Astute readers may note that there is no Tony Danza entry this month.  This is not an oversight.  Clearly any topic about Mr. Danza would have made the cut.


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