12. The Point Blank Assassin


11. Ümlaut, the Punctuator!


10. The Panophobic Wonder


9.  Mr. Agreeable (behold the power of support!)


8. Thomas Kerbutchen in Direct TV customer service.  He’s the only guy in the world who knows how to get the English language back on your TV when the SAP button locks up.


7. The Continental Drifter (he can move objects with his mind, really really slowly)


6. BantaDanzaMicelliCanettiDimeo - holds the powers of a housecleaner, a taxi driver, a boxer, a poor actor, and a private investigator


5. Osh Kosh B’Josh


4. The Vertigo Kid


3. Boy Man Girl


2. Obi Juan Gonzalez – Mexican Jedi


1. Dr. Malpractice and his henchwomen, Shakeyhands and Spilleyblood

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