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Disc Golf Review ? 2016

Now that I can say with certainty that I am not playing any more events this year, given my ailing back, my job search, my family, my Ubering… etc, it’s time to review how I did on my predictions this year. SURELY I could do better than last year where I completed a whopping 2 … Continue reading Disc Golf Review – 2016

The post Continue reading The World Series (in picture form)

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11/2/2016 - The Fake Wine Review column is back!

3/2/16 - The Dirty Dozen List gets topical!




2/7/16 - I finally updated something! Specifically the links

10/16/14 – Something is definitely happening

10/30/12 - Fats' drought is over
2/11/12 - 
Every blurb I ever wrote


CD Clearance Sale!


December 2, 2016