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2019 Disc Golf Goals

It?s time once again to write something long that only I read and it?s tl;dr for everyone else: my disc golf goals! You?ll remember last year I managed to hit 10 of my 21 lofty goals, but oddly I hit some of the ones I considered long shots and missed others I thought were pretty … Continue reading 2019 Disc Golf Goals...

Pictures of The Comedy Collective

You ever wonder what improv comedy looks like? It looks like this. Go see The Comedy Collective – we’re awesome.  ...

12/31/18 - The website is working again!

                  Also, updated FAQ!

10/3/17 - A brand new Online Survey

8/18/17 - The Dirty Dozen list goes Baker

11/2/16 - The Fake Wine Review column is back!

2/7/16 - I finally updated the links

10/16/14 – Something is definitely happening

10/30/12 - Fats' drought is over

CD Clearance Sale!


Welcome to “Woofer!” By reading this, you acknowledge that Twitter is now run by physically digitized poodles armed with Velcro and should henceforth be referred to as “Woofer!” Feel free to reBark this and congratulations on choosing the first social media platform backed by digitized physical dogs!...